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International Academic Degrees

In order to get accepted to one of the most prestigious universities, a student needs to apply up to 1 year in advance. Thus, each applicant must treat the admission process very seriously.

Due to the promising perspectives an international diploma can bring, the application processes to the top academic institutions have become much more competitive over time, making a strong preparation by candidates vital. This preparation has to be informed by the real-world demand from universities, as admission officers are looking for specific attributes and skills.

Admissions to top academic programs became increasingly difficult over the last years. For instance, the most recent intake of America's Ivy League universities was on average 7% of applicants, with the most competitive having only a 5.3% acceptance rate. Top universities in Europe have similar demands, where an average acceptance rate below 10% is not unusual. International applicants also have to contest with more bureaucratic hurdles than locals, ranging    from    attestations   of   documents   to academic and language tests, as well as, in some cases, legal quotas on total intake of foreign students. Looking at statistics alone, it is therefore imperative to know the differentiating factors in a successful application. These start with bureaucratic details and admission timing, and culminate in the convincing, documented story delivered in the application process.

Be that an international organization or a leading business corporation, a globally recognized university diploma gives a free entrance ticket to your dream job. The prestige of each university is defined by the international academic ranking systems, the success of its alumni, as well as the internal assessments by each company. We know how to evaluate the real-world reputation of universities and will help you to apply to institutions that best fit your profile and future career aspirations.

REDLINE will help you to craft the optimal application pitch based on your experience and achievements. We will make sure that your materials are first class, both from the administrative as well as the content angle. A perfect application is a must to stand a realistic chance against the odds of the top universities' admissions processes. Other than assisting in crafting effective application materials, we will share with you our in-depth experience on how to master the complete process every step of  the way.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor is the first university entrance degree (undergraduate) and usually lasts from 3—4 years. A prestigious Bachelor degree is the prerequisite for a successful Master program admission. During your degree you will receive a fundamental academic knowledge in the field of your studies. This is your first step towards a thriving personal and professional development.

Master Degree

Master is the university graduate degree that on average lasts from 1—2 years. During your degree you will specialize in your field of studies gaining an invaluable experience, developing critical thinking and professional expertise. A Master degree will develop your academic and practical skills to meet the demands of today's society. It will teach you to tackle complex theoretical and practical dilemmas, create innovative solutions, and nurture your collaborative multicultural spirit. All of these are the prerequisites for being an inspiring leader of tomorrow.

MBA Degree

For highly motivated graduates with first experience in the professional arena, MBA provides a viable opportunity to broaden their career prospects and to promote themselves for leadership positions in the business world. Most MBA programs are specifically designed to be open to graduates from a variety of fields. The diversity offered by the world's top-tier MBA programs through their curricula and international participants make them a very strong learning ground for those interested in a global career.  

PhD Degree

PhD is a postgraduate university degree that on average lasts from 3—5 years. A usual entry requirement for a PhD program is a successful Master degree. PhD is one of the most prestigious qualifications in the academic world. It shows the individual's ambition, talent and intellectual excellence. PhD will open new opportunities for you in the academic and professional world, granting a respectful title "Doctor of Philosophy".  


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