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International Experience Programs

Nowadays, education became one of the most expensive and valuable assets. It requires substantial financial resources, but at the same time has a potential for a very high return on investment. It gives access to the world of unlimited possibilities and potential, where everyone can gain a tool of becoming an architect of an own future. A degree from a leading university is a fundamental building block for successfully starting a career, establishing a strong network and increasing one's options on the global job market. International experience programs is the first step towards successful global career.

Summer Universities

Every student needs to carefully plan his or her study process and future career aspirations in advance. In a globalized world with increased access to international study programs, the academic environment has become highly selective. Students strive to get as many credentials as possible to be able to stand out for potential employers. Thus, high caliber candidates invest all their time into education. Summer university programs provide a great opportunity to diversify your academic experience abroad and give an extra boost to your resume. We will assist you in applying to highly competitive international summer programs that best fit your future career goals.

Exchange Programs

An exchange program abroad is an excellent opportunity for a student to gain more international experience and exposure, which  is a prerequisite for a successful employment in today's globalized economy. Be it several weeks in a language school or an exchange semester abroad  in  a  country  of  your  choice,  this  is an invaluable experience and an important asset for your resume. International companies and governmental institutions are looking for global citizens who learned to respect, cooperate and thrive in a multicultural environment. An exchange program abroad is a cornerstone for academic and professional success.

Conferences & Competitions

International conferences and competitions are the first significant platform where current successful students have a chance to present themselves and access a global network of other potential future leaders. This gives an opportunity to establish a cooperation with perspective partners from around the world and to expose yourself to a new career outlook.


For students who are flexible in their choice of  program and destination, REDLINE offers services that help to find scholarship programs. The availability of programs depends on an individual match of each candidate. 


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