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Redline Application Consultants GmbH

Redline Application Consultants GmbH is a German company registered in the financial center Frankfurt am Main.

Unlike the majority of other application consultants, our team consists of highly educated leading experts in finance, consulting, business, governmental and academic sectors, having graduated from top ranked universities and currently full-time employed in world's top banks and corporations. Thus, we know very well what it takes to get the most prestigious education and employment. We can prove our expertise with own credentials and achievements.

We are a strictly results oriented team and through our personal experiences and track records have built a practical understanding of what elements are crucial in a successful application process to the world's top professional institutions. With our services we assist our clients in identifying the best application strategy based on their individual backgrounds. We prepare a convincing pitch tailored to the respective target company, boosting our clients' chances of success. We have been sitting on both sides of the table — as applicants and as interviewers, therefore, we perfectly know inside out all the application process nuances and what type of candidate the best professional institutions are looking for. It is not always only about how smart you are, but about how smart you are in presenting yourself.